Please be advised that I am the managing partner in a law firm presently occupying a two floor building, consisting of eight employees. For approximately the past five years, this office has utilized the cleaning services of Ron's Cleaning Service.

Ron's Cleaning Service visits this office one time per week and has been extremely reliable over the past five years.  Ron's Cleaning Service is always prompt and continually cleans the building in a timely and efficient manner, contributing to the maintenance of this building's state of respectability.  Ron is also very flexible and cooperative if I ever need my cleaning schedule altered.

Aside from its reliability and flexibility, I am satisfied with the actual cleaning services themselves.  The length of time in which I have employed Ron's Cleaning Service indicates my satisfaction with the services performed.

Very truly yours,
Richard D. Simon, Esq.

Ron's Office Maintenance has been employed by L & H Construction Co., Inc. for over twenty (20) years and we have found Ron's service to be efficient, economical, reliable and can strongly recommend him to perform his services in a professional manner.

Very truly yours,
Lawrence R. Maffie
Vice President

We are very pleased with the service by Ron's Office Maintenance.  We have recently moved from a medium office building to a large roomier facility that is 65,000 square feet with 100 employees and increasing.  There are 8 bathrooms with various types of paper and soap dispensers, which the staff at Ron's have been very good in keeping everything well stocked and clean.  The staff are dependable, friendly and accommodating to our various needs.  All the employees here feel absolutely comfortable to let them have access to otherwise private and secure areas.  It has been a real pleasure to have their service.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or concerns.

Scott P. Aronson
Printing & Promotion Production

Ron's Floor Waxing & Office Maintenance has been servicing my building on Highway 18, East Brunswick, for many years.  There are many companies in my building and all have been satisfied with the service.  I am also extremely satisfied with the services provided by Ron's.  Their service is done on a daily basis and is handled in a professional manner.  If you have questions please call me.

Michael J. Coleman
Managing Member

We have used Ron's Floor Waxing and Maintenance for a number of years and have been more than satisfied with their performance.  Everything is always as perfect as it could be when they leave.

As a service, they have always been on time, courteous and respectful.  We have noted their honesty, which is a most important thing to do.

I understand that they are also working in the Police Dept. here for some time now.

Judith Olbrys,